Hi! I'm Lloydlyn (pronounced Lloyd•lyn). I am an experienced Creative Manager and Packaging Expert currently at Bang Energy. With a decade-long journey in the Graphic Design industry, I have honed a deep passion for crafting packaging designs that leaves a lasting impact on consumers.
When not busy with creative endeavors, I indulge in being an adept Candy Crusher, finding moments of joy in the simple pleasures of life. Family holds a special place in my heart, and quality time spent with loved ones is treasured above all else.
A connoisseur of old school music, I find solace and inspiration in its timeless melodies. Together with my travel-loving husband, I love to embark on adventures around the world, exploring diverse cultures and embracing new experiences.
With a genuine love for creativity, family, and exploration, I am passionate about bringing creativity to life through captivating designs while cherishing the beauty of life's little pleasures and shared moments with loved ones.
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