Picture a lively blue and yellowish-green braided rope tug toy crafted for dogs. Beyond its vibrant color combo, this toy offers varied textures for an enhanced sensory experience. The sturdy braided construction ensures durability, creating an attractive pattern that grabs your dog's attention. What sets this tug toy apart is its diverse textures—smooth sections, knots, and ridges—stimulating your dog's senses during play. The carefully chosen color scheme aligns with dogs' visible spectrum, making it not just visually appealing, but enticing for your furry friend. Whether it's a spirited game of tug-of-war or casual chewing, this braided rope toy guarantees a multi-sensory experience, keeping your dog happily entertained.

Eco-friendly packaging is utilized for Jum Jump™ Rope Toy, eliminating the need for plastic and prioritizing environmentally conscious design for your pet's enjoyment.

Introducing Tie Dye Glow Ball – a vibrant, interactive delight for your furry friend. This durable rubber ball features a tie-dye design, adding a playful touch to your dog's playtime. Designed for day and night excitement, this ball glows in the dark, enhancing nighttime play and visibility. Watch as it illuminates during nighttime play, providing an extra layer of entertainment for your pet. Its durable rubber construction is perfect for fetch and catch, promoting dental health with its textured surface. Bring endless joy to your pet with this Tie Dye Glow Ball – a colorful, durable, and glow-in-the-dark addition to their playtime. Let the fun continue well into the night!
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